Blogging From The Trojan Trenches!

I’ll be blogging here throughout the college football season, sharing my thoughts about the USC football team and my experiences as I go from city to city following my favorite team.

I’m not going to focus on game recaps or anything like that, there are plenty of places you can go for X’s & O’s and game analysis. I’m going to blog about my experiences tailagating and visiting all the different cities we play in from the viewpoint of a diehard USC fan. I hope you find that makes for some interesting reading.

Between blog posts be sure to follow me on Twitter where I share my thoughts about USC and post other random musings. I also bring you along for the ride on USC road trips and on gamedays when I live tweet about my adventures. On Twitter I’m @uscpsycho or if you don’t have a Twitter account you can read my tweets at

When USC is playing at home I hope you’ll stop by my tailgate before all USC football home games –

I hope you enjoy my blog! Let me know what you think!

Fight On!

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3 Responses to “Blogging From The Trojan Trenches!”

  1. Sara Jean Says:

    What is up? So great to meet you in Hawaii.
    Cheryl and I are tyring to find you on Facebook without any luck. Can you email your id?

  2. ez Says:

    psycho – you rock – Fight On!

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