Blogging From The Trojan Trenches!

I’ll be blogging here throughout the college football season, sharing my thoughts about the USC football team and my experiences as I go from city to city following my favorite team.

I’m not going to focus on game recaps or anything like that, there are plenty of places you can go for X’s & O’s and game analysis. I’m going to blog about my experiences tailagating and visiting all the different cities we play in from the viewpoint of a diehard USC fan. I hope you find that makes for some interesting reading.

Between blog posts be sure to follow me on Twitter where I share my thoughts about USC and post other random musings. I also bring you along for the ride on USC road trips and on gamedays when I live tweet about my adventures. On Twitter I’m @uscpsycho or if you don’t have a Twitter account you can read my tweets at

When USC is playing at home I hope you’ll stop by my tailgate before all USC football home games –

I hope you enjoy my blog! Let me know what you think!

Fight On!

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4 Responses to “Blogging From The Trojan Trenches!”

  1. Sara Jean Says:

    What is up? So great to meet you in Hawaii.
    Cheryl and I are tyring to find you on Facebook without any luck. Can you email your id?

  2. ez Says:

    psycho – you rock – Fight On!

  3. Mary Madden Says:

    Dear USC Psycho,

    I’m Mary Madden. I know you don’t know me, but if you wouldn’t mind giving me a few minutes yo hear me out. I live in South Bend, IN and am a senior in high school. My father went to Norte Dame but my mother graduated from USC in 1984. She has raised me to love USC, just as she does. I hope to attend USC next year. My mother Judy Madden, or her twitter (@allmaddenmom), retweets your tweets and is constantly talking about you. I too have become a huge fan. It is actually your tailgate that showed me how much of a loving inclusive community USC is.

    My mother, who was also a flag girl in the band, hasn’t been to a bowl game in 35 years. She lives in Notre Dame Territory but her fiery Trojan Spirit never fades. She was talking a few weeks ago about how it would be a dream to go to the USC bowl game. It is a dream that seems impossible to her, I want to make a reality. My mother has sacrificed so much for my family and over the past years. My father was unemployed and my mother had to take on 2 more jobs. Yet she still loves like no other. We haven’t been able to thank her properly. There is no gift to show her how thankful I am for her but I am hoping a trip to LA for the Rose Bowl will be a start. It would be a Christmas Circle

    I have started a GOFUNDME and would appreciate a donation. I would also like to ask you to share the gofundme with other members of the USC family. I have a feeling other members would like to help the cause and let my mother go to California to see the Trojans pummel the Nittany Lions. Please go check out the GoFundMe for more information!

    Thank you for your time. I really do appreciate it. I hope this email relishes with you. If we end up out there, the psychogate will be the first place we go! Feel free to ask me any questions as well

    Best Wishes,
    Mary Madden

    (Feel free to share this note with other!!

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