Long Week…

It’s been a rough week for Trojan fans.

USC won their football game against Washington State on Saturday by a wide margin but performed way below expectations. On Monday I started thinking about what I was going to write in my weekly gameday blog when I heard about Stafon Johnson’s injury via Twitter. For those of you who don’t know what happened (perhaps you live under a rock?) Stafon dropped a 275lb barball on his throat while weight lifting; he was rushed to the hospital in critical condition and underwent seven hours of emergency surgery.

Stafon’s freak accident really hit home for me because two of my biggest passions are USC football and weight training. So when one of USC’s best football players was almost killed while doing one of my favorite things it was a little too close for comfort. I couldn’t help thinking about Stafon every time I lifted this week.

Living in California I’ve often thought about what would happen if there was an earthquake while in the middle of a heavy set. I’ve actually imagined a barbell falling on me just like it fell on Stafon but I can’t remotely imagine what it must be like to actually have it happen. Ouch!!! Fortunately, Stafon is expected to make a full recovery and even play football again.

I was really, really upset about what happened to Stafon and then I started to feel bad because I don’t think I was this upset when that crazy kid went on a shooting rampage in Virginia a couple of years ago. Those students in Virginia died and Stafon is going to make a full recovery but I can’t help being more upset because Stafon is one of US! I’ve been watching him since his first year at USC. I’ve never met him but he’s like family to me. It just feels more personal with Stafon.

Back on Monday we knew the weights fell on Stafon’s neck and that he was bleeding from his nose and throat as he was rushed to the hospital. But that’s about all the information we had. I was scouring the Internet trying to find more details about Stafon’s condition and prognosis and as I searched for information I saw people all over the Internet sending their prayers and good wishes to Stafon. There were people from other states, fans of other colleges and even people who weren’t sports fans at all.

All those words of encouragement were scattered all over the place and I didn’t think Stafon would see most of them. So I got the idea to create an online get well card for Stafon in hopes that people would have a place to post their messages and be assured Stafon would see them. Well, shortly after I put the card up Stafon got a Twitter account so people could send their messages directly to him.

If you have a Twitter account please send some words of support and encouragement to Stafon, his account is @stafon13 (beware of fake accounts that sound like they’re Stafon). If you don’t have a Twitter account or want to write more than 140 characters you can sign the online card here. Please tell all your friends to write to Stafon, he needs our support!

Fight On Stafon!

I will try to get my WSU gameday blog posted before the weekend.


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