USC vs Virginia Front Row 50 Yard Line Ticket Giveaway!

I have one extra ticket for this Saturday’s USC game against Virginia and I’m trying to find someone worthy to give it to.

The seat is in the front row, right behind the USC bench, near the 50 yard line. And you’ll be sitting next to me which means you won’t be sitting at all but standing for the entire game and you’ll be my guest of honor at my tailgate. You may also get on TV, it happens sometimes 🙂

How to get the ticket? Submit a reply to this blog telling me why you think you should get the ticket. Do not reveal any identifying information (such as your name or Twitter username). I want to be completely objective in selecting a winner. Nobody but me can see your reply after you submit it. If you are looking at this from my blog index page you have to click here to send a reply/entry.

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  • I may post submissions/parts of submissions on the blog. They will be anonymous since I won’t even know who wrote them (but your WordPress username may be revealed).
  • I may reveal the identity of the winner.
  • You have to supply a valid method of contacting you — preferably email — so I can notify you if you win. You have to respond quickly or I’ll move on to the next best entry so give me something you check regularly.
  • I may get cold feet and decide not to go through with this. Sitting with a complete stranger makes me kind of nervous but I really do intend to give the ticket away. If I don’t end up giving the ticket away I will not publish anything that is submitted. That wouldn’t be fair.
  • Winner has to send me a $25 deposit via PayPal to make sure you don’t flake out (if the winner doesn’t show up this very valuable ticket will go to waste). If you show up you get your $25 back.

One Response to “USC vs Virginia Front Row 50 Yard Line Ticket Giveaway!”

  1. David Lewis Says:

    I wish I could go tomorrow. I would have loved to have sat next to you wearing my blue and gold. Let me know if you have an extra seat for the Call game!

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