And I Have A Winner For USC-VA Ticket!

I want to thank everyone who submitted an entry for the ticket to the Virginia game. You guys made it really hard to pick one person!

I wish I could take everyone to the game. There are four people I considered my “finalists” that I really wish I could take to the game and several more who were worthy contenders. I won’t have tickets to any future USC games (unless you go to a road game) but I also have Dodgers & Kings season tickets so I’m going to offer to take some of the people who entered to one of those games. I can also get an extra ticket to just about any road USC game so if you’re ever in the same place as USC and want to join me for a football game just let me know! (This goes for all USC fans!)

Some people wondered about my motivation for giving this ticket away. Well, a very good friend asked to go to this game with me. This usually isn’t possible but with some effort and some luck I was able to get an extra seat. But it turns out my friend didn’t really care all that much about going to the game or having a good seat so I wasn’t going to waste this ticket on someone who wouldn’t appreciate it.

After all the effort I was pretty annoyed and figured a stranger would probably be more appreciative than my friend. And that’s how I got the idea to do this. I had an amazing seat on my hands and wanted to make sure it went to the person who would appreciate it most, even if it was a complete stranger. And so I’m taking a complete stranger to the game, but one who I’m confident will appreciate it as much as anyone out there.

In the end it came down to a lifelong USC fan who’s never been to a USC game and a recently graduated USC band member attending his first football game as a civilian. It was a tough call but I am giving the seat to the band member because I know how much he sacrificed for USC over the last four years. And he’s not just a USC football fan but lover of all USC sports. And an all around sports fanatic.

And if you’re wondering, yes I made sure that the winner was in no way related to a USC athlete. I don’t want to be responsible for any more NCAA violations!

If anyone reading this blog ever has an extra seat for a USC football game please let me know!!! I would love to make it possible for the person who’s never been to a USC game to go to a game! Let’s share some love!

I hope everyone will stop by my tailgate on Saturday to say hello! Especially everyone who entered for the free ticket! If you are reading this you probably already know how to find my tailgate but in case you don’t I’m about 50 feet north of Tommy Trojan on Trousdale. Here’s a map with the exact location –

Fight On!

Here is the winning entry:

I actually want to “submit” for this ticket on behalf of my boyfriend, so perhaps this can be overlooked? 🙂

My boyfriend and I both just graduated from USC this past spring and since we spent the entirety of our college careers in the TMB, this weekend will be our first home gameday out of uniform (I hardly know what to do! How do I even get into the Coliseum?). Technically we both have tickets through a band friend, but I will be happy to find someone else to bring if you select him as your winner!

Once upon a time, the band stood in the stands along the sideline with the student section. They were recently relocated to a more (or less – depending on your perspective) central location. Unfortunately, the timing of this relocation coincided with our freshman year in band, so we’ve only ever known what the view from the sundeck is like. I think it would be really cool if for his first home game as both a band alum and USC alum he would get to be on the 50 rather than back in the sundeck in the same place he’s been for the last four years. Think of how symbolic this would be! I know he would be most appreciative for this opportunity and would get more out of it than your typical USC fan (I figure it was safe to assume you wouldn’t ever consider bringing a virginia fan).

Regardless of where the seat is, I also think it would be cool for him to spend his first home game out of uniform with the biggest USC fan out there! Having been in the band these last four years, I’ve really appreciated your constant presence at every home and away game.  I’m a huge fan and am eternally grateful for the beers that you may or may not have let the band “take” from you. Though if I were you I’d probably be creeped out by the fact that so many people know who you are and you don’t know them! (I guess that basically makes you a celebrity?)

My boyfriend is a HUGE SPORTS NERD, so you two will have PLENTY to talk about (hahaha I awkwardly feel like I’m trying to set you guys up on a date? Lol). He’s from Connecticut so he’s always loved the Jets, the Rangers, the Knicks, and the Yankees. I know it’s sometimes viewed as overrated to be a Yankee fan (though I guess the same could be said for USC?) but his passionate loyalty for crummy teams like the Knicks shows that he is not “one of those” bandwagoners. Even though he is in Laker Band he will still cheer for the Knicks when they play the Lakers and lose. Although he has his teams like any good sports fan does, he really values the sport itself and is not one of those people who get into silly fights and arguments over whose team is better. He humbly accepts his (many) losses across all sports and can still have civil discussions about the game, the league, the sport – anything and everything related to sports.

Even beyond his particular “teams,” he truly appreciates all sports and is immensely knowledgeable about them.  He reads and watches sports news religiously and his dream job is to be a college athletic director. In high school he was the coxswain on the rowing team. In college he hosted the sports radio show on KSCR (now KXSC) and made sure that they not only covered the major USC and professional sports, but also international events and women’s sports, though maybe not the WNBA (ouch). However, two years ago he did give up opportunities to play with the band at the men’s Pac-10 tournament to fulfill his commitment working the women’s tournament through his internship with the sports information department. There is no way I can do him justice in trying to explain just how big of a sports enthusiast he is, you just gotta trust me on it!

MOST IMPORTANTLY, my boyfriend loves any and all USC sports. We’ve given up winter and spring breaks to stay in LA and support our basketball team. Unlike 99% of the student body, we’ve probably been to all the home volleyball and basketball games for both men’s and women’s in the last four years. We also go and support water polo, tennis, track, baseball and women’s soccer. Whenever I have a chance to go home to Hawai’i he checks to see if there are any USC/UH match-ups that I can attend. I got him an Xbox this summer for our three year anniversary and the first thing he did was customize the USC sounds on NCAA 11 so that the correct TMB songs played for each type of action.  Of course this meant the band has to play “In the Stone” at every time out, just like in real life. Ugh.

Of course I will not dare to say he loves USC more than you do (how could anyone?), but I am willing to bet he is pretty damn close.

Anyway, if you really don’t have anyone else to take to the game, please consider my boyfriend! Hope this wasn’t too awkward haha. (I think this all would have been less awkward if I could just call him by name and make him a normal person rather than referencing him in relation to myself, oh well).

Cool blog and twitter.

Fight On and beat the cavaliers!


One Response to “And I Have A Winner For USC-VA Ticket!”

  1. ohilary Says:

    Wow! This seriously choked me up being a high school band geek. What serious fun you are gonna have. Congratulations!!!! Fight On!

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