USC vs UVA (aka USC Psycho vs the Jager Tap Machine)

USC’s game against Virginia was the first home game of the season and also the first tailgate of the season. I’d been looking forward to it because tailgating on campus is so much fun and my tailgate team had a lot of new things in store for this season.

I was also excited because I was expecting quite a few people I’ve only met on Twitter to stop by and I was really looking forward to meeting them.

As usual we started setting up our camp at 6am and as usual I went to bed so late that I only got a few hours of sleep. Being sleep deprived on a day featuring 13 hours of tailgating, a blender, a Jagermeister tap machine and a USC football game is a bad idea. A very, very, very BAD idea!!!

So there was a tailgate…

There was a cardinal margarita making blender…

There was a full day of college football…

There was a Jagermeister tap machine…

There were tweeps…

There was a USC football game…

USC won the game…

I apologize for the picturebook blog this week. I promise next time I will use more words and less Jager.

Fight On!

(Read about the next game and my trip to Minnesota HERE.)

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One Response to “USC vs UVA (aka USC Psycho vs the Jager Tap Machine)”

  1. charles brezina Says:

    oh my.

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