USC Homegame Tailgate Information

**UPDATE 2** This blog post has pretty much been made obsolete by the tailgate website which has more & better information. The tailgate’s website is Visit the website for all tailgate details. You can also follow @psychogate on Twitter for gameday updates or things we might need on gameday.

**UPDATE** I have started selling t-shirts to help cover the costs of the tailgate. Please support the tailgate by buying a shirt from They are cool shirts and your purchase will help ensure that the tailgate continues to meet the high standards you expect!

If you attend any USC home football game please stop by my tailgate to say hello, have a drink and do a little pregame partying.

My tailgate has a satellite dish, two HDTVs and a Jagermeister tap machine. So we’ll be having a good time and watching college football all day long. The tailgate is on the strip of grass in the middle of Trousdale, in front of Bovard Auditorium and about 150 feet north of Tommy Trojan. Right against the second lamp post north of Tommy. See the map below to find us (click the map to enlarge it) and if you have any trouble finding the tailgate tweet me at @uscpsycho.

The tailgate always starts at 6am and goes until the band plays their pregame concert right in front of us about one hour before kickoff.

The tailgate has gotten pretty big so we’d appreciate it if you could BYOB if you plan to drink. If you want to make additional contributions click here for a list of things we can always use at the tailgate.

Fight On!


Click map to enlarge.

License plate marks tailgate location. About 50 feet north of Tommy Trojan.

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10 Responses to “USC Homegame Tailgate Information”

  1. Oakley Says:

    Son of a…!!!! I WAS THERE last home game! I saw the picture of your table set up and knew about the Jager machine. I asked the guys manning the Jager machine if this was Roy’s or Psycho’s tailgate and he said no. Mother eff…

    So yeah, technically, I *was* at your tailgate. *sigh*

    I’ll make sure to find you this time. For realz!

    • uscpsycho Says:

      A nearby tailgate has a Jager tap machine too so you may have been at the wrong tailgate. Our tap machine has a band of lights around the top of it, the other tap group’s tap machine doesn’t. Also, we have two TVs (sometimes one) and a satellite dish which they don’t have.

      Come again this Sat and I’m sure you’ll find us this time! Fight On!

  2. birgitta mattson-goldberg Says:

    I’m a friend of David Lewis and he told me to stop by this week at the tailgate. I’m still looking for 2 tickets for myself and my son, I hope at 25 a piece if you know of any

  3. Britt Nelson Says:

    I’ve never met you psycho, but my normal tailgate buddies are going to be in Santa Barbara for halloween so I’d love to be able to stop by

    • uscpsycho Says:

      Please stop by! All are welcome!

      REMEMBER!!! There is a Red Out in effect for this week’s homecoming game. That means WEAR CARDINAL!!!! We are planning a sea of cardinal in the Coliseum for homecoming.

      For more information about the Red Out visit


      Fight On!

  4. Susan Says:

    uscpsycho – met you at last year’s USC/ND game. It was as fantastic as advertised! I assume you are planning to make the trek east next weekend. Would be happy to return the favor of a Jager shot – wondering where you hang out? Main parking?

    • uscpsycho Says:

      Hi Susan! Thanks for the message. Would love to connect in South Bend! I sent you an email, hopefully we’ll be able to find each other and have that shot! If I miss you, good luck in the game.

  5. Franco Says:

    Hey uscsyco! I was wondering if theres a age limit on your tailgate!! Im 18 by the way,

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