Why I Was Banned From Tweeting at USC’s Monday Morning Quarterback

Monday Morning Quarterback (MMQB) is a weekly event where USC fans are able to review game tape with Lane Kiffin and ask him questions about the previous or upcoming games.

Regular attendance can get expensive and is in the middle of the day at USC’s Galen Center which makes it difficult for people to be there.

Last year and this year I regularly attended MMQB and live tweeted for the benefit of those unable to attend. This week I was at MMQB and was told to stop tweeting. I wasn’t identified by name but right before Lane Kiffin took the stage (after John McKay and John Jackson made their remarks) a comment was made by the host to the effect of “We know that there is someone tweeting from here right now, we’re monitoring it and we know who it is. So stop tweeting.”

So from now on I won’t be tweeting from MMQB.

The reason given at MMQB was that Lane Kiffin can speak “more freely” if he knows the info won’t get out. But anyone who’s a regular at MMQB knows that’s just not true. The vanilla questions are all answered by Kiffin — same info that shows up in the media. But if you ask a sensitive question that could help an upcoming opponent Kiffin will not answer that. That happened this week, Kiffin refused to answer a question because he was afraid it would get out and give Washington a competitive edge. So the people attending MMQB do not get access to any special information. Kiffin would be crazy to assume what he says at MMQB will stay at MMQB. But Kiffin’s not crazy so he doesn’t say anything he doesn’t want getting out.

In my opinion, the real reason USC doesn’t want tweeting is because this event is a fund raiser and they’re worried about losing money. MMQB is promoted as an exclusive event with no access to the press. USC tries to create the illusion that attendees are in on some classified information. So if people are allowed to tweet directly from MMQB I suspect USC fears this would A) Devalue the aura of exclusivity and B) Could have a chilling effect on attendance if people can get the same info online. So by keeping the info off of Twitter USC thinks more people will want to pay to attend.

I think this is flawed logic. The vast majority of people go for lunch (I don’t, the lunch is expensive & optional), to review the game tape, have the opportunity to directly ask Kiffin questions and to interact with Kiffin. None of these things are possible via Twitter. People attend MMQB for the experience and the experience cannot be replicated on Twitter. Allowing me to tweet from MMQB would not discourage a single person from attending. I can only give people a flavor of what’s happening in 140 character bursts, I can’t recreate the experience on Twitter.

By the same token, preventing me from tweeting will not motivate a single person to go to MMQB who did not previously attend. If anyone reading this blog wants to go to MMQB here is the info: http://www.usctrojans.com/blog/2010/09/monday-morning-quarterback.html.

A lot of people on Twitter are upset that I was forced to stop tweeting and voiced their displeasure. Thank you to all who chimed in and let USC know how you feel. Here is USC’s official response:

USC says that MMQB is a media-free space but I am not a member of the media/press and I don’t publish the info in any long-form media. I don’t see what the problem is but even though I disagree with the policy I will respect it and refrain from tweeting during MMQB. However, from the countless tweets of support I received regarding this matter I think this policy does more harm within the Trojan fan base than good.

What do you think about this? I’d love to hear your comments!

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4 Responses to “Why I Was Banned From Tweeting at USC’s Monday Morning Quarterback”

  1. Sandi Says:

    The adjectives that come to mind are ridiculous, unbelievable, stupid, and inane.

    The university, normally progressive, really screwed this up.

  2. Debbie Says:

    This is so silly and comes across as being overly elitist. Sorry to see that USC Athletics has adopted an anti-social attitude toward social media.

  3. so.cal.native Says:

    It’s hard to say Syco, I really don’t like stuff like MMQ it is over the top for me. I mean who am I to say “well why did you do that and why not do this” as a coach of tennis I am very analytical. Now if USC were paying me to critique there FB games that would be different, otherwise I am just a fan and the pointing fingers left me long ago. Yah, I do say why that call or why did he do that, but I understand from playing FB myself that on the field and in the stands are completely different. It is USC stand to ask you to not tweet and you show a lot of class not doing so, after all it is their venue.

  4. Mike Says:

    It is a real shame that the USC Athletic department has stopped USCPSYCHO from tweeting the MMQB. SYCO has a lot of followers who cannot make the MMQB for several reasons. Mine personally is because I no longer live in the LA area. So to get the info that SYCO tweets which seriously he cannot tweet that fast to get everyword that is spoken during this event. I mean seriously unless your a teen that can text/tweet a 1000 text/tweets a minute we are not going to get any so called valuable information that might help one of our opponents. I know the SYCO personally and I know he is not that fast. I will truely miss the MMQB Tweets. Fight ON SYCO and FIGHT ON TROJANS!!! BEAT the HUSKIES<then the FARM< then the BEARS, KILL the DUCKS (revenge would be so sweet)<then the SUN DEVILS<then the WILDCATS, then the BEAVERS, then the IRISH< and finish the season off with BEATING FUCLA!!!!!

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