The USC Homecoming Red Out, ESPN Gameday & DESPICABLE Duck Fans

If you read this blog regularly then this entry probably isn’t for you. If you’re a loyal reader to this blog you’re probably going to USC’s Homecoming game, you probably know about the Red Out and are going to wear cardinal for the game and you probably know ESPN College Gameday is going to be at the Coliseum and you’re planning to be there.

But you probably have lots of friends who don’t know about all this. And they have friends who don’t know. So what I’m hoping for is that you will tell EVERY USC fan you know and ask them to tell EVERY USC fan that they know.

The goal of the Red Out is to turn the Coliseum into a sea of cardinal for the Homecoming game. We reached a ton of people via Twitter and Facebook but the Coliseum seats 92,000 and we need everybody’s help to get the word out to make sure every last person knows about the Red Out and Gameday taping.

To help get the word out we have an official Red Out Website. Please share this site with your friends!

I am really motivated to see USC fans represent with passion for a few reasons. One of them is that the loyalty of USC fans has been questioned since our return to glory. People say that we’re fair weather fans and that we only support the team when it’s winning. Well we’ve had our struggles lately and this game against Oregon is as big as it can get while we’ve got sanctions. So I hope that we’ll come out in droves and show unity through the Red Out.

The ESPN Gameday crew has challenged USC to have a strong turnout for their taping. Meanwhile the Duck fans are organizing a “green out” for Gameday. Duck fans are trying to outnumber USC fans at Gameday. WE CAN’T LET THAT HAPPEN! I know 6am is early but if you really love USC you will do it. Bottom line is that some fans will be there and those are the ones who love USC most. The USC fans who don’t show up will justify it to themselves with excuses. Meanwhile the most dedicated fans won’t let anything stop them from being at Gameday. So you decide, are you a die hard fan? Will you be at Gameday to support the Men of Troy? Will you find a way to make it? Or do you have a convenient excuse not to be there?

The final reason I’m motivated to beat the snot out of Oregon is because of their despicable fans. They are really evil and mean-spirited people. I’ve been to USC games in over 20 states and there is no question Oregon fans are consistently and reliably the most unpleasant people I have to deal with. Last year Oregon fans threatened to defecate on a friend of mine who is the tiniest girl you can imagine. I’ve blogged about how horrible the Duck fans are here. And believe it or not it’s the most popular entry in my blog.

If you are active on Twitter you’ve seen first hand how nasty these people are. Constantly trolling USC fans night and day. No other school we play against does this. And it’s suspected that Oregon fans were involved in a cyber attack resulting in the shut down of the Red Out & facebook pages.

You may know that the Red Out had a Facebook page at one point. We had well over 2,000 members in under a week. However we were victimized by a cyber attack which led to the Facebook page’s demise. The long-standing facebook page with 41,000 members was victimized the same day. There’s little doubt that Duck fans were behind this.

You might think that, for some reason, I am just biased against the Duck fans. I assure you that’s not the case. In my blog statistics I can see the search engine terms people use to find my blog. The unedited results are below. It is shocking. Apparently there are A LOT of people who think that Oregon duck fans are despicable people! These search terms are listed in order from most used to find my blog to the least used (minimum 2 views):

(blog continued below)

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The Red Out started started as a grassroots movement by a handful of people on Twitter. But it is now supported by everyone from USC Athletic Director Pat Haden on down. The movemnt has been fully adopted by USC which is awesome! So please come to the homecoming game — there are still some seats remaining through the USC ticket office!!! Come early for the Gameday taping at 6am at the Coliseum!!! Be loud!!! WEAR CARDINAL!!! LAST BUT NOT LEAST — SPREAD THE WORD!!!!!

Fight On!

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7 Responses to “The USC Homecoming Red Out, ESPN Gameday & DESPICABLE Duck Fans”

  1. mark Says:

    preach (fight) on brother. i WILL be there. heard you put on a rager of a tailgate…is it open to public? if so may i come by?

  2. mark Says:

    thanks my man! i won’t drink, but i certainly won’t come empty handed.

    FIGHT ON!!!!!!

  3. Trojans Go Duck Hunting: A USC-Oregon Preview | Neon Tommy Says:

    […] The Trojans have the Coliseum on their side. It’s Homecoming and pumped fans are planning a “red out” — they hope to blind Oregon by wearing only Cardinal Red. Then again, the Ducks are accustomed to […]

  4. Oakley Says:

    I’m ashamed to have worked on the Red Out website for you but not make it to GameDay. I love USC but I wasn’t about to break the hearts of little kids at my Italian school if Captain Bubbles doesn’t show up with candies. 🙂

    However, I’ll see you at your tailgate with cookies and beer around 1. Looking forward to meet the rest of the #RedOut team.

  5. OSU Says:

    Hey USC Syco-

    I am a huge Oregon State Beavers fan, and so I have always felt that way about University of Oregon fans. But since they are my teams rival, I thought maybe just OSU fans felt that way about them. But now that they are a legit team (being #1 in the country now) and are getting a lot more media I suppose more and more people are getting tired of the Ducks. Do you really feel they are the worst fans in collegiate athletics, and if so, how can you not feel bad for me as a Beaver fan? haha. Also, what are Beaver fans like when you visit Reser Stadium? I really hope we are more respectful then are arch rivals. I love OSU Athletics, and just root for the Beavers, not against the other teams, like USC.

    • uscpsycho Says:

      I have been to college football games in over 20 states. I’ve been from Hawaii to New Jersey and from Washington to Florida. I have never experienced fans as despicable as Duck fans. And this isn’t based on one or two random incidents; this is a consistent thing with them and it started before they got good. It’s just part of the culture over there. They are a distasteful bunch.

      As for Beaver fans, I’ve never had a problem there. Strange how the two fan bases can be so close together but so different.

      That’s not to say *ALL* Duck fans are horrible or *ALL* Beaver fans are civil. But that’s my overall assessment of the fan bases after multiple exposures to them.

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