The NCAA Sucks! You know it, so show it!

College football sucks. There. I said it. It’s been destroyed by the NCAA which kind of exists to make sure that college sports don’t suck. But the NCAA screwed the pooch and killed the game.

I remember when people asked me why I liked college football so much more than NFL football. Answer was always that the college version was more pure. It was a bunch of kids playing for love of the game rather than a bunch of greedy malcontents who are just out for themselves in the NFL.

Well times sure have changed, haven’t they? Now college football is full of schools that want to win at all costs and players who want to get paid more than they care about winning and the NCAA is turning a blind eye to it all. Except for USC. No, USC has ONE PLAYER break some rules and USC gets hammered by the NCAA with the strongest sanctions in decades.

But then when a bunch of big time players from Ohio State get caught breaking rules they get to play in their bowl game and get their punishment postponed until the following year. What the hell is that? And then we have Cam Newton’s dad shopping him around to the highest bidder and the NCAA does nothing. And the University of Oregon pays a recruiting service to deliver a player and nothing. And the entire University of Miami football program has gone to hell, committing the worst violations in the history of NCAA violations while under the watch of the very person who hammered USC. And you know what? Everyone is pretty sure Miami’s penalty won’t match the crime. I can go on and on but you get the picture; if you’re reading this you probably already know what I’m talking about.

So now the NCAA’s made it so you can pretty much do whatever the hell you want to do, unless you’re USC, and the NCAA won’t come down on you that hard. And if you don’t like whatever punishment you do get, you can always seek asylum in the NFL and let the next generation of players, coaches and fans pay for your sins. And if you’re an NFL agent you’ve got it made in the shade. You can entice players to break every rule in the book but you have ambassador status and can’t be touched by the NCAA.

Bottom line is that the NCAA has made it so you’re at a competitive disadvantage if you’re not cheating. That’s because the benefit derived from cheating is always greater than the penalty from getting caught. Unless you’re USC. And until that changes they’re enabling people to break the rules.

Yay for college football!

If that isn’t enough to convince you that the NCAA is sucking all the joy out of college football they have a new rule this year that literally sucks the joy out of college football. Starting this year taunting an opposing player can NULLIFY SCORING PLAYS! ARE YOU F’N KIDDING ME??? So if you legitimately score (this isn’t basketball folks, points are hard to come by in this sport) and hurt your opponent’s feelings in the process you lose the points… I can’t wait to see the first time that penalty is called with a game on the line, or in a bowl game, or in overtime. This is probably the first rule in the history of all sports that takes legitimately scored points off the scoreboard because of gloating. Who comes up with this crap?

That’s like telling a kid he’s a virgin again because he got too excited after getting laid for the first time.

The result of this rule is going to be a chilling effect on celebration. What fun is that? The only people who benefit from this are long snappers who will no longer have kickers jumping into their arms like little girls. The old unsportsmanlike conduct rule worked just fine. What’s the point of this rule? Why is the NCAA wasting their time on crap like this? My advice to the NCAA? Stop over-enforcing celebrations and start enforcing serious violations.

Then there’s the NCAA’s butchering of the post season which everyone pretty much agrees sucks. We NEED a playoff. Or we need to get rid of the BCS and go back to the way things used to be. This BCS business is a crock of shit and the NCAA knows it, that’s why the NCAA still doesn’t officially recognize a national champion in college football – not even the winner of the BCS. I bet some of you didn’t realize that the winner of the “BCS title game” is not considered the National Champion by the NCAA. Fact is, the AP is far more credible and effective than the BCS, so why even bother with it? Money. Plain and simple.

You see, if you haven’t figured it out yet, the NCAA cares more about self preservation than it cares about the sport. And the colleges aren’t innocent either; they care more about making money than they care about having a good system. And in the end the only people that really get screwed are the fans.

Are you nodding in agreement? At this point I feel like I’m preaching to the choir. So let’s do something about it!

I hear a lot of people complaining about how bad things have gotten but I haven’t seen a lot of people do anything about it. The thing is, we the fans are in control here. All we have to do is stop watching college football. Yes, I said stop watching college football. That doesn’t mean I’m going to stop going to USC games. I’ll watch USC football but nothing more. And you know what? Thanks to what the NCAA has done I won’t miss it.

What can we accomplish by boycotting college football? A lot! The NCAA is all about trying to bring in as much money as possible; that money primarily comes from one place and it’s television. What do you think will happen when fans are pushed to their breaking point and stop watching in large numbers? The ratings go down, the audience growth disappears and then the NCAA can kiss all that ad revenue goodbye.

Then and ONLY then will the NCAA stop making a mockery out of the sport and get things straightened out. As we know, right now the NCAA isn’t listening to fans and doesn’t seem to care about us.  So we have to make them listen and make them care. Don’t watch college football! Tell your friends not to watch college football. Some people don’t think it will make a difference if they watch or not but this is just like any other boycott, or like recycling, or whatever…  The only time it doesn’t matter is if nobody does it, but as long as some people are doing it you are part of a bigger pool that does matter. And besides, if you’re sick of the NCAA’s bullshit you shouldn’t put up with it anyway!

Fortunately for most of you reading this you are USC fans and USC football is the best thing about college football. We’re like a shiny diamond surrounded in a big pile of dog crap. We’re like the one cute sorority girl at ucla (making a huge assumption that there’s a cute girl at ucla but you get the point).

So if you love USC and/or you’re sick of the NCAA’s crap you should buy one of my new shirts which is pictured below. None of the shirts were signed by Matt Barkley but you can forge his signature and tell people yours was. Proceeds go to supporting the best tailgate on campus which is starting to get very expensive. Buying a shirt accomplishes four things: 1 – Shows your support for USC; 2 – Makes you look very cool; 3 – Expresses your hatred for the NCAA; 4 – Ensures the best tailgate on campus stays that way.

You can buy a shirt right now at or you can buy one at the tailgate, but I don’t have many and I have a feeling they’re going to sell out fast so hurry up and place your order!

You can also make your voice heard by signing the petition to the NCAA to reverse the excessive penalties levied upon USC at


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