USC’s Season to Remember

Hello there!

If you’ve been wondering “What’s up with Psycho? He hasn’t blogged in a long time!” You’d be right. I’ve been delinquient in my blogging duties. No good excuse. Just been getting it all out on Twitter. If for some reason you read my blog but don’t follow me on Twitter you should be following! It’s some seriously good stuff and it comes at you every day, in real time. You don’t have to wait for me to blog to get my enlightening and entertaining psychobabble. If you don’t believe me, I was recently selected as one of the five best USC Twitter follows by one publication and one of ten USC Twitter accounts you need to follow by another publication.

I wanted to write a preseason blog but getting ready for my first tailgate (tailgate info can be found here) of the year and planning for my first road trip of the season didn’t leave me with much spare time for blogging before the season opener. And seeing as how I’m writing this in the wee hours of the night from my hotel room in New York just a few hours before the Syracuse game, I still haven’t found enough time for blogging. (I’ve also been wanting to redesign the blog from the day I started it and don’t think I’ll ever get around to doing that. If you’re a proficient WordPress designer and want to lend a hand I won’t say no.)

So USC kicked the season off last week and we’re well on our way to dominating college football this season and finally getting the SEC to STFU. We all know this is going to be an epic season so I figured I should document it for posterity. And for my kids. And their kids. And your kids… So that future generations can look back and know that USC has always kicked ass. You’re welcome world.

This season is going to be really special. No team has ever ednured such crushing NCAA santions and immediately emerged as a national championship contender. Even more impressive, no team has ever emerged as National Champion, like USC is about to do. And you know what’s really crazy? What’s crazy about all of this is that USC hasn’t quite “emerged” from sanctions yet! We’re actually not even close. USC hasn’t so much as served half it’s penalties. We may finally be bowl eligible but we’re on the front end of three years woth of scholarship restrictions.

When the NCAA punishes programs with sanctions the objective is to make them suffer. To make them pay for their wrongs by setting them back. But instead the NCAA strengthened USC’s resolve and created a monster that is going to shove a crystal BCS football trophy up the NCAA’s collective ass come January 7, 2013. And we’re going to do it while serving the most punishing part of our santions — the scholarship reductions.

Think about that for a second. The NCAA infractions committee sat in a conference room a couple of years ago and came up with this plan for destroying USC. That was literally their goal. It was led by their ring leader Paul Dee who is second only to Jerry Sandusky when it comes to NCAA douchebags who deserve to rot in hell. I’m sure this committee thought the penalties they nailed USC with would get us out of the SEC’s hair for a long time to come. No way they could have imagined they were building a powerhouse at USC with their sanctions. Conventional wisdom says that teams with sanctions like USC’s are supposed to be unpalatable to top recruits. But conventional wisom doesn’t apply to USC. Instead of being avoided by recruits USC has become a bigger destination for them than ever before. Being so good despite all these sanctions has increased USC’s mystique. Somewhere in a grave, Paul Dee isn’t just rolling, he’s spinning.

USC got the party started last Saturday with a dominating win over Hawaii. The Coliseum was sold out on opening day for the first time in a long time. The tailgating was as good as I’ve ever seen it on opening day. The bandwagon was back and loaded to the gills with the reemergence of fair weather fans. And the weather was perfect. So it was quintessential USC football and it really felt like USC is back. The fans picked up right where we left off last season and haven’t skipped a beat.

Maybe that’s why USC was recently named the #1 tailgating school in the country by tailgating monthly?

I’d like to end this blog with a message to fans. THOROUGHLY ENJOY THIS RIDE! Don’t worry about looking ahead or jinxing the team or anything like that. Revel in how great USC is! Beat your chest! Go ahead and tell everyone that USC is going to win the national championship this year! Stay classy but indulge in our greatness without reservation. Let the team worry about “taking it one game at a time” and “not getting ahead of themselves” and every other cliche you can think of. That’s for players and coaches. We are fans. We are the ones who are supposed to have fun! So don’t be shy about it! And for the love of God, don’t worry about jinxing the team. I promise you that nothing you do/say/wear/etc has ANY effect on the team or what happens on the field. If you had that kind of power you’d have won the lottery by now. And I’m sure the other team’s fans are “jinxing” their team too so it’s a wash anyway.

So take it all in and soak it up this season. Smell the roses. What USC is about to do over the next three months has never been done before and likely never will be done again. Enjoy the moment!



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